Product Name – Calsynbuf  (Calibration Lab Management Software)

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Key Features:

  1. One Time Cost (No any kind of recurring cost).
  2. We are not charging on pre user / machine basis. You can use for unlimited users.
  3. Annual Maintenance contract is also optional.
  4. Web based software, hence you can use on cloud as well as at your office on internal network.
  5. Lab can manage their whole operations i.e. from Inquiry to outward through this software.
  6. Software is compatible with auto reporting to management.
  7. With completely flexible for user access management.
  8. Software is completely developed with reference of ISO IEC 17025 : 2017 & NABL guideline
  9. Auto Calculated Uncertainty with budget sheet for every test point on one click
  10. User wise internal lab management is also available
  11. Software updates are available completely free


Software highlights:

  1. 100 % Accurate report preparation with required calculation using different methods of calibration as below : 
    1. Electro - Technical: Direct / Comparison Method, Simulation, linear equations, input / Output, etc.
    2. Thermal (Temperature) Parameters: Direct / Comparison Method, Thermocouple, etc.
    3. Dimension: Direct / Comparison Method, Plunger dial, Bore gauge, Gap Gauge, Flush Pin Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge, Plunger Dial Gauge, Setting Ring Gauge, Snap Gauge, Tape Scale, Thread Plug Gauge, Tapper Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Tapper Thread Ring Gauge, Tapper Plain Plug Gauge, Tapper Plain Ring Gauge, Width Gauge, Surface Plate etc. as per IS guideline
    4. Surface Plate: Auto Flatness calculations and Uncertainty using Direct / Comparison Method
    5. Mass: Linearity, repeatability and Eccentricity for Weighing Balance, ABBA Method for Weight as per OIML Guideline
    6. Pressure: Direct / Comparison Method as per DKD Guideline
    7. Volume: Direct / Comparison Method
    8. Density: Direct / Comparison Method
    9. Torque: Direct / Comparison Method
    10. Hardness: Direct / Comparison Method
    11. Sound: Direct / Comparison Method
    12. Textile: Direct / Comparison Method
    13. RF: Direct / Comparison Method
    14. Bio-Medical: Direct / Comparison Method
    15. Fluid-Flow: Direct / Comparison Method
    16. Force: Push Pull method


  1. Uncertainty Calculations and management:
    1. Software is compatible to set your defined uncertainty parameters as an Type B Factor or any other Environmental contributions
    2. User can verify uncertainty while entering reading on one single click
    3. Software will give you, uncertainty calculation sheet of you every test point after recording of observations
    4. After any assessment by your accreditation body, you do not required being depending of our developer for type B changes of uncertainty; you can manage at your level with very easily.
  2. Technical validations
    1. Software will not allow to user “Calibration Date” before “Receipt Date” of instrument
    2. Software will highlight compliance of instrument i.e. pass / fail while every test point reading to user
    3. Software will not allow to use master instrument as traceability which is not validated on below conditions
      1. In case of Calibration date is out of calibration date and due of masters instrument
      2. In case of UUC Parameter and Master Parameter if different (depending on methods)
      3. In case of Test point is out of Master instruments range
    4. In case of test Point frequency is out of Master instrument frequency for that particular parameters
  1. Software will not issue a report without consideration on your Accreditation scope of CMC and actual calculated CMC of UUC.
  1. General Operational Flow of Software:

New Inquiry > Quotation > Follow up > Order > Work Order ( New Job) > Inward > Service Requisition > Record of calibration results > Report Approval > Certificate > Performa Invoice > Tax Invoice > Collection  

  1. Auto Reporting System: -
    1. Software will send below report to management on daily basis through email :
      1. Pending follow-up Inquiries with sales person with last follow-up details
      2. Pending Collection i.e. Invoice wise outstanding details
      3. Due Master Instruments for Calibration and those will due in coming 30 days.
    2. Software will send below report to user and cc to management on daily basis through email :
      1. Pending follow-up Inquiries with sales person and last follow-up details
    3. Software will send intimation and to client and cc to management on daily basis through email :
      1. List of Instrument those are coming due for calibration in 30 days
      2. Birthday wish on behalf of your company via SMS and email
      3. Anniversary wish on behalf of your company via SMS and email